PAME I 2015 meeting in Akureyri

6 February 2015, 12:00 am
Published in News Archive

IMG 3112The PAME working group held the first of its two annual meetings in Akureyri this week. The meeting began on Monday with pre-meetings between the expert groups, on shipping, ecosystem approach, oil and gas and marine protected areas. After a long day of meetings the PAME Secretariat walked with the group of around 60 participants to the location of the Secretariat for a cocktail. Traditional Icelandic food was served, along with "normal" food, and Icelandic local beer.

The PAME I 2015 officially began on Tuesday with the whole day devoted to updates to the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment. Updates to the Arctic Marine Strategic Plan 2015-2025 were also addressed. The evening saw the group taking an excursion to the Nature Baths near Lake Mývatn.

IMG 3128The Wednesday followed up the Tuesday meeting, addressing issues such as Arctic marine protected areas, the ecosystem approach and oil and gas regulations. In the afternoon the experts met again for further discussions before Record of Decisions were written by each expert group.

The meeting concluded on Thursday, covering issues such as the PAME 2015-2017 work plan and the Records of Decisions.

The PAME Secretariat thanks all the participants for an enjoyable and succesful meeting in Akureyri.

Please see the PAME Secretariat's Facebook page for more pictures.