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University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Conference Summary: The Ecosystem Approach to Management (EA) is a widely adopted management principle requiring management of human activities to be integrated across sectors of enterprise. The ultimate purpose of EA is to achieve sustainable use of natural resources, while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. The EA approach has been acknowledged, defined and adopted by the Arctic states working under the Arctic 
Council. Working groups of the Arctic Council have been engaged for more than a decade in developing aspects of the scientific, policy and indigenous foundations of the knowledge that enable the implementation of the ecosystem approach.

shutterstock 111405599The conference will bring together experts and practitioners to examine the scientific, policy and indigenous understandings and experience of the ecosystem approach to management in the eighteen Large Marine Ecosystems of the Arctic and corresponding terrestrial areas. Topics to be addressed include scientific elements such as Integrated Ecosystem Assessment, as well as national policies such as Integrated Arctic Management and the Inuvialuit Settlement Agreement that are designed to carry out integrated management in an adaptive fashion. Proceedings from the conference will be presented to the ministerial meeting of the Arctic Council in spring 2017.

  • Benchmark the status of implementation of EA in the Arctic
  • Present innovative examples of best practices in EA implementation
  • Identify priorities for future collaboration on EA implementation in the Arctic Themes
  • Knowledge base – integration of knowledge (including traditional) and Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
  • Governance – integration across sectors, institutional arrangements
  • Scale integration – integration across small to large scale in ecosystems, and integration across management levels. 
Outcomes and Products: The conference will review progress in implementing the ecosystem approach to management in the various LMEs in the circumpolar Arctic. Presentations and papers will identify best practices for implementation and methods for dealing with impediments to implementation, such as limited information. Approaches to dealing with changes caused by changes in demand across development sectors, and by climate change will be identified. The conference will also examine arrangements for international cooperation in the management of shared LMEs that include waters under national jurisdiction of two or more countries.

Co-conveners and Organising Committee: The Arctic Council working groups PAME, AMAP and CAFF with experts from Arctic Council member states, Permanent Participants and Observer organizations (WWF).

Call for abstracts: The call for abstracts was closed on May 15h. Please contact the organizers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

Program: Click here to download the online conference program!


Presentation  Abstract   Video 
Session I: The Vision and Role of the Arctic Council        
  • Ecosystem Based Management in the Arctic Council; Status and Prospects 
Alf Håkon Hoel Download Download  View
  • Achievements of the Arctic Council Implementing the Ecosystem Approach to Management 
Hein Rune Skjoldal Download Download View 
  • Challenges and tasks on the road to implementing the ecosystem approach to management in the Arctic
Phillip Mundy      Download Download View 
Session II: Status and Experiences from National Implementation  
  • Integrated Arctic Management and the US Strategy

Jim Kendall



  • The Norwegian ecosystem approach management plan for the Barents Sea; strengths, flaws and further developments
Gro van der Meeren Download Download  View
  • Inuvialuit Environmental and Wildlife Co-Management in Canada’s Western Arctic
Patrick Gruben Download Download  View
  • Implementing EA Iceland Shelf and Sea LME
Ólafur Ástþórsson Download Download View 
  • Oceans Management in Canada
Martine Giangioppi Download Download  View
Session III: Making EA operational - developing the knowledge base and enabling activities  
  • Ecosystem Approach to Management and Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
Jason Link  Download Download View 
  • Making the Ecosystem Approach operational across the Atlantic
Mark Dickey-Collas Download Download View 
  • Highlighting the work of the OSPAR Convention
Charlotte B. Mogensen Download Download View 
  • Work in two ICES Working Groups for Integrated Ecosystem Assessment – WGIBAR for the Barents Sea and WGINOR for the Norwegian Sea Large Marine Ecosystems
Hein Rune Skjoldal Download Download View 
  • Ecosystem-based management in Norway: Pioneering implementation of regional-scale marine spatial planning 
Erik Olsen Download Download View 
  • Food security as an organizing principle for implementing the ecosystem approach to management in the Arctic; an indigenous perspective
Carolina Behe Download Download  View
  • NGO Perspective on Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach in the Arctic: Progress and Possibilities
Becca Gisclair Download Download  View
  • The Integrated Ecosystem Model for Alaska and Northwest Canada: An interdisciplinary decision support tool to inform adaptation to Arctic environmental change
W. Robert. Bolton Download Download View 
  • The Distributed Biological Observatory: A Marine Change Detection Array in the Pacific Arctic
Jackie Grebmeier Download Download  View
  • The Arctic Marine Pulses Model: Linking Contiguous Ecological Domains in the Pacific Arctic
Jackie Grebmeier Download Download   View
  • Harnessing the Global Observing and Data System to Support Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management in the Arctic: Current Status and Future Directions
Peter Pulsifer Download Download  View 
  • Evaluation of methods for assessing cumulative effects on marine ecosystems
Per Arneberg Download Download  View 
  • Integrated Landscape Assessment: North Slope Rapid Ecoregional Assessment
Jamie Trammell Download Download  View 
  • Effects of Multiple Stressors on The Benthic Ecosystem in the Barents Sea
Lis Jorgensen Download Download  View 
  • Spatial distribution of chlorophyll a and its impact factors analysis in the Arctic Ocean during the summer of 2014
Zhibo Lu Download Download  View 
Session IV: Case studies - steps toward implementation
  • Adaptive co-management of beluga in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
John Noksana Jr. Download Download   View
  • Bottom-up approaches to managing conflict in Arctic Marine Ecosystems – the Open Water Season Conflict Avoidance Agreement and the Arctic Waterways Safety Plan 
Martin Robards  Download Download   View
  • Conservation Approaches and Indigenous Participation: Streamlining Co-management of Living Marine Resources
Nicole Kanayurak Download Download  View
  • Insights into a Changing Arctic: Long-term beluga monitoring in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
Shannon MacPhee Download Download   View
  • The cultural aspect of forced migration secondary to Sea Level Rise 
Lesley Laukea Download Download  View 
  • Cross-scale co-management successes: A case study of government-to-government and Native-to- Native governance in the Bering Strait Region 
Kelsey Aho Download Download View 
  • Ecosystem Based Management in the Arctic: From definition to action
Lis Jorgensen Download Download   View
  • Gino Graziano - Response to invasive species in Alaska with the Ecosystem Approach - The role of Education
Gino Graziano Download Download   View
  • Past, current, and future forest harvest and regeneration management in Interior Alaska boreal forest: adaptation under rapid climate change 
Miho Morimoto Download Download  View
  • Towards an Ecosystem Approach for Management of Bristol Bay Estuaries 
Todd Radenbaugh Download Download  View
  • Which benefits can marine mammals gain from an Ecosystem Approach to Management? 
Jill Prewitt Download Download View 
 Session V: Pan-Arctic Marine Science and Policy
  • Dynamic Interplay: A new model of governance for the Arctic
Kaja Brix Download Download  View 
  • AMSA's Application to the Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Arctic
Lawson Brigham Download Download  View
  • The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP)
Becci Anderson Download Download  View 
  • Highlighting steps towards Implementing Ecosystem Approach for Arctic Contaminants
Jon Fuglestad Download Download  View 
Session VI: Status of Implementing the Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Arctic
  • Panel Presentation on next steps in Implementing the Ecosystem Approach in the Arctic
Panel Download 
  • Moving forward: What is the role of the Arctic Council in Implementing the Ecosystem Approach and how could/should it facilitate this
Panel  Download


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