PAME is the focal point of the Arctic Council’s activities related to the protection and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment and provides a unique forum for collaboration on a wide range of activities in this regard.

Guðmundur Ingi Guðbrandsson, Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources, greeted the Akureyri-branches of the Ministry this morning here in Akureyri, Iceland. Nice cup of coffee, and the first gathering of around 40 people for some time in the building!

See more here, including the ongoing activities and the joint statement:

Further collaboration between PAME and the ARHC is a part of PAME's current shipping work. We intend to foster greater communication in line with the non-binding MOU between the bodies to support Arctic maritime safety and the protection of the Arctic marine environment.

Second, it encourages these governments to find additional resources to strengthen hydrographic surveying and charting in the Arctic region. The policy statement identifies several ways each of these recommendations may be pursued.

First, it recommends that the Arctic States review, update, and improve existing, and collect new, bathymetric and hydrographic data in the Arctic Region.

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