PAME I 2016 meeting in Stockholm

9 February 2016, 12:00 am
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forsiðaThe PAME I 2016 meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in the beginning of February. The meeting gathers the working groups delegates from the eight Arctic Council member states, permanent participants, observer states and invited experts. Around 70 people participated in the meeting and in expert groups meetings.

Click here to download the PAME I 2016 meeting report.

The meeting produces a report stating the Records of decisions (RoDs). They also indicate status of specific projects and next steps. The meeting report includes the RoDs, the list of participants, the meeting agenda and the list of documents at the meeting.

Click here to download the PAME I 2016 meeting report.

Four PAME expert groups met and worked on specific issues in Stockholm, the Shipping expert group, the Marine Protected Areas expert group, the Oil and Gas contact group and the joint Ecosystem Approach to management expert group. The expert group on Arctic Shipping Traffic Data was also represented, working on its project on collecting ship traffic data. The expert groups met on Sunday, the PAME meeting was held on Monday through Wednesday. Many delegates also particpated in the Arctic Council Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation, held on Thursday and Friday.

he picture below is from the PAME meeting in Stockholm, courtesy of Dana Eidsness: