Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Documents

Arctic Council Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines report (2009)

Arctic Guidelines 2009 13th Mar2009Purpose of the Guidelines

These Guidelines are intended to be of use to the Arctic nations for offshore oil and gas activities during planning, exploration, development, production and decommissioning to help secure common policy and practices.

The Guidelines are intended to define a set of recommended practices and outline strategic actions for consideration by those responsible for regulation of offshore oil and gas activities (including transportation and related onshore activities) in the Arctic. The goal is to assist regulators in developing standards, which are applied and enforced consistently for all offshore Arctic oil and gas operators.

While recognizing the nonbinding nature of these Guidelines, they are intended to encourage the highest standards currently available. They are not intended to prevent States from setting equivalent or stricter standards, where appropriate.

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Guidelines for Transfer of Refined Oil and Oil Products in Arctic Waters (TROOPS) - November 2002

Arctic Council - Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines - October 2002

Circumpolar Marine Workshop November 28 - December 2 - 1999, Report and Recommendations

Joint Russian-United States-Norwegian Arctic (RUNARC) Project: Safety and Environmental Regime for Russian Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

RUNARCfeasibility-ENFeasibility Study Report 1998

The RUNARC project was started in February 1997 and produced a Feasibility Study in 1998 whose goal was to analyze, incorporate and make additions to the existing legislative, normative-juridical acts, normative-technical documents, and help to introduce into practice the modern forms of oil- and gas-producing operations on the shelf, and to determine the probability of success of development and implementation of the safety and environmental protection regime that would satisfy the needs of Russia, taking into account international standards, including technical regulations and standards of USA and Norway, as well as acceptance of actions for obtaining the consent of the Russian Government to implement recommendations of the project.

The FS includes the following tasks:

  • definition of desirable goals;
  • analysis and preliminary assessment of the existing legislative, normative-juridical base providing environmental and industrial safety, labor protection during works on continental shelf;
  • working out proposals on preparation of additions and amendments, as well as new legislative acts, normative documents, technical regulations, state (branch) standards defining safety of works on shelf.

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Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines - 1997


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