A 10 year trend in Arctic shipping

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Polar Code boundary
This site contains information and graphics on trends in Arctic shipping, from 2013 to 2023.

All data comes from PAME's Arctic Ship Traffic Data (ASTD).

The data on the site all refers to the Polar Code Area (map to the right).

Unique Ships 2013 2023
Unique ships refer to all types of ship entering the Polar Code Area, each ship is only counted once although it might enter the area multiple times.

Compared to the month of September only, one ca see that monthly visits to the Arctic Polar Code Area are counted in hundreds of ships each month:

Unique ships September 2013 2023

Another way to measure ship traffic is by distance sailed. ASTD aggregates the distance each ship sails each month. Aggregated to a year, a 10 year trend shows a clear and stark increase:

Distance Sailed

Fishing vessels are by far the most common ship type in the Arctic Polar Code area, followed by general cargo ships:
Ship types

And for each year, the trend can be followed here:

Unique Ships 2013 2023 all years

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