PAME II-2020

shutterstock 41138494The PAME-II 2020 meeting will be held online as a virtual meeting via PAME's GoToMeeting System.

The next PAME Working Group Meeting (PAME II-2020) and its associated expert pre-meetings will be held online from 15-25 September 2020. We will be using PAME‘s GoToMeeting System. Below are details on the aim and schedule of the meeting.

The aim of this Meeting is to discuss and make progress on any outstanding issues in projects/deliverable documents for 2021 Ministerial, including

  1. Leads on respective activities to provide summary status on progress to date in accordance with the PAME I-2020 Records of Decisions and the PAME 2019-2021 Work Plan and propose timelines to finalize respective activities/projects for deliverables to the 2021 Ministerial meeting (May 2021).
  2. Agree on updates/timelines for the next SAO meeting 28-30 October 2020 to include a list of planned deliverables for the April 2020 Ministerial meeting.
  3. Compile proposed activities and projects for possible inclusion into the PAME Work Plan 2021-2023 to include draft content, new proposed projects and indications of lead/co-leads. The AMSP 2015-2025 Implementation Plan can be used as a framework.
  4. Agree on timelines/milestones of actions and activities needed up to May 2021 Ministerial meeting to include the final draft of the PAME Work Plan 2021-2023 and inputs to the SAO Report to Ministers as per guidance from the Arctic Council/Iceland‘s Chairmanship.

Documents requiring decisions from this meeting should be distributed 30 days in advance, or by 28 August 2020 in accordance with the Arctic Council’s Working Groups Common Operating Guidelines.

Leads on respective activities are requested to prepare for this meeting in accordance with the PAME Work Plan 2019-2021 and Records of Decisions from the PAME I-2020 meeting.

PAME II-2020 Guidelines for online participation