The establishment of the Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum is in response to the newly adopted International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The aim of the Forum is to raise awareness of its provisions amongst all those involved in or potentially affected by Arctic marine operations and to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices between the Forum participants on specific shipping topics, including but not limited to; hydrography, search and rescue logistics, industry guidelines and ship equipment, systems and structure.

The Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum has created the following publicly accessible web-portal where Participants of the Forum have submitted information that can be used when considering their operations in accordance with the Polar Code.

Forum participation is open to Arctic States, Permanent Participants and Arctic Council Observers as well as any widely-recognized professional organization dedicated to improving safe and environmentally sound marine operations in the Arctic as demonstrated by expertise and experience in Arctic shipping and/or related issues.

In addition to information provided by Forum participants, under the specific chapters of the Polar Code, highlighted on this site, Arctic State Administrations (Canada, Kingdom of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden and the United States of America) have provided guidance for Arctic operations.

PAME approved the Forum's Terms of Reference in 2017.

Disclaimer: Although Forum participants strive to ensure that the links selected for this Web portal reflect authoritative, accurate and current information, neither the Arctic States, the Arctic Council or the PAME Working Group make any guarantees about the information and disclaim any and all liability for errors or omissions the links may contain.



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