PAME II-2015

IMG 4304Tromsö, Norway, 15-17th of September, 2015

 PAME II 2015 Pre-meetings - Monday September 14                                                  
PAME Shipping expert group: 09:00-17:00
Oil and gas Contact group: Tentative
Data Expert group: Tentative

Shipping Expert Group pre-meeting
The PAME shipping Expert Group pre-meeting session is from 09:00-17:00 and a joint session with the Data Expert Group from 14:00 -15:00 to discuss the new proposed project: “Arctic Shipping Data Service.”

The agenda will be the items under Agenda Item 4 with particular focus on the items marked with **, including the updated draft matrix of follow-up activities and proposals, as well as all of the shipping-related papers submitted by PAME member governments in advance of the meeting.

The co-leads (USA and Canada) will provide more details to the shipping expert group.

Click here to download the shipping expert group meeting agenda.

13:00-16/17:00 (tentative and to be confirmed)
Oil and Gas Contact Group pre-meeting
The PAME Oil and Gas Contact Group pre-meeting session is from 13:00-17:00 and a joint session with the PAME Shipping Expert group from 13:00-14:00 to discuss the “Meaningful Engagement of Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Marine Activities” (MEMA) project.

The main agenda items to be discussed are:
  • The MEMA project
  • Possible responses to the TFOPP for non-emergency prevention (as it may relate to updating the 2009 Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines).
  • Possible implementation actions for the 2015-2025 AMSP.
Further details on discussion points may be provided by the lead (USA) if deemed necessary.

13:00-16/17:00 (tentative and to be confirmed)

PAME Data Expert Group pre-meeting
The PAME Data Expert Group pre-meeting session is from 13:00-17:00 and a joint session with the PAME Shipping Expert group from 14:00-15:00 to discuss progress on the Arctic Shipping Data Service (ASDS) project and potential relevance to other shipping projects on Arctic marine traffic systems.

Information sheet about the project.
Meeting agenda.

Further details on discussion points to be provided by the co-leads (Norway and USA).

 Tuesday September, 15th                                                                                              

 Item 1: Opening of the Meeting 

 Item 2: Introduction and Adoption of the Agenda                                      
PAME II-2015 final agenda with timeline 10 September 2015

 Item 3: 
Information from the Chair and the Secretariat 

Background documents: 

 Item 4: Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment follow-up activities (various leads) 
Draft agenda for the Shipping Expert Group pre-meeting on Monday 14th of September from 09-00-17.00.

4.1. AMSA I(A) – Linking with International Organizations

Background information:
ShipArc 2015 Program

4.2 AMSA I(C) – IMO Measures for Arctic Shipping: collaboration

4.3 AMSA I(B) –Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Phase III project

Background information:
Development of the Polar Code

Agenda item 4.4 - AMSA I(D): Strengthening Passenger Ship Safety

Background document:
Arctic Marine Tourism – Best Practice Guidelines

Agenda item 4.6 - AMSA II(B): Engagement with Arctic Communities
Documents to be uploaded.

Agenda item 4.7 - AMSA II(D): Specially Designated Arctic Marine Areas

Agenda item 4.8 AMSA II(E) – Protection from Invasive Species
PAME II-2015 submissions:

Agenda item 4.9 AMSA II(G) - Addressing Impacts on Marine Mammals
NAMMCO Information on Disturbance Symposium

Agenda 4.10 AMSA II(H) - Reducing Air Emmissions
Documents to be uploaded

Agenda item 4.11 AMSA III(A) – Addressing the Infrastructure Deficit Agenda 4.12 AMSA III(B): Arctic Marine Traffic Systems
Documents to be uploaded

Agenda item 4.13 AMSA III(D) – Investing in Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic Data

Agenda item 4: Background documents:

 Item 5: Follow up on the Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines (AOOGG 2009) 
Background documents:
Offshore Oil and Gas Guidelines
HSE Report
TFOPP FRamework Plan

reception location

 Wednesday, September 16th                                                                                                                     

 Item 6: Pan-Arctic Network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)  Background documents:
The Framework for a Pan-Arctic Network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).
Background for PAME MPA FRamework on Definitions of MPA's and Other Measures

 Item 7: Ecosystem-based Approach to Management 

Agenda 7 - EA Progress Report

Background documents:
Ecosystem Approach Progress Report (April 2015)

Side Event - The Last Ice Area
WWF Global Arctic Programme and the National Geographic Pristine Seas invite all participants in the Arctic Council working group meetings, as well as secretariat staff to a special presentation at the Radisson Blu Hotel from 18:30-20:30 on September 16th.

Guests will be treated to a selection of footage never seen before from the National Geographic Pristine Seas team’s forthcoming film on the Last Ice Area, along with narration from a team member. This will be followed by a brief discussion of the region’s significance from WWF Last Ice Area project lead Clive Tesar. The presentation will start at 19:00. Finger food will be served, and a cash bar will be available.

 Thursday, September 17th                                                                                                                        

 Item 8: Follow-up/implementation of the AMSP 2015-2025 

Agenda 8(a):

Agenda 8(b):

Background documents: 
Arctic Marine Strategic Plan 2015-2025

Item 09: Task force on Arctic Marine Cooperation    
Agenda 9(a) – SAO Report language on TFAMC
Agenda 9(b) - TFAMC Cover Letter Outlining Process
Agenda 9(b) - TFAMC Meeting agenda 21-22 Sep

 Additional information                                                                                                              
PAME 2015-2017 Work Plan
PAME II Hotel information and logistics
PAME list of expert groups and members, 8 Sep 2015
PAME II 2015 List of Documents, version 12 September
List of Participants - Final version

Agenda Item 3 - Reflections and Outcome from the Iqaluit Ministerial Meeting

Agenda Item 4.1 - BarentsWatch presentation
Agenda Item 4.1 - Havbase Presentation
Agenda Item 4.1 - International Ice Charting Working Group Presentation
Agenda Item 4.1 - OSPAR Presentation
Agenda Item 4.3 - Possible Hazards for Engines and Fuel Systems using HFO
Agenda Item 4.5 - Survey of Arctic Indigenous Marine Use
Agenda Item 4.9 - NAMMCO Presentation
Agenda Item 4.9 - Update on Ship Traffic in the High Seas
Agenda Item 4.12 - ASTD Project, background presentation

Agenda Item 5 - MEMA Project
Agenda Item 5(c) - TOPP Matrix from EPPR

Agenda Item 6 - Inventory Mapping of Existing Arctic MPAs

Agenda Item 7 - EA-EG Progress Report

Agenda Item 8 - AMSP implementation

Joint WG Session - ACAP
Joint WG Session - CAFF

Shipping Expert Group - Arctic Shipping to the Republic of Korea