Third EA International Conference (2023/2024)

iStock 508142377PAME is planning the Third International Science and Policy Conference on Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Arctic.

Topics that include common understandings on implementation; cooperation and joint work; challenges and solutions; and other aspects as developed by a conference planning group will be included at the conference.

A planning group will be established in 2021 with representatives of co-conveners and others.

During 2022 this group will develop the program, identify and invite speakers, arrange for editing and publication of the proceedings, solicit sponsors, and provide for other operational details of the conference. Presentations, panels, and discussion groups at the conference (tentative 2023 or 2024) will review information, experiences, and examples of EA implementation in Arctic waters, as well as other aspects as developed by a conference planning group.

A Conference Report will also be prepared during 2023-2024.

Leads: Norway and the United States in close collaboration with the EA expert group

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