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Forum Participation is for those dedicated to improving safe and environmentally sound marine operations in the Arctic as demonstrated by expertise and experience in Arctic shipping and/or related issues..

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The Forum includes a section with information that each Arctic State and their relevant agencies consider important for operators, flag states, and other interested parties, to consider when applying Polar Code requirements.

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Third meeting of the Forum

Forum londonThe third meeting of the Arctic Council's Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum will take place on June 3-4 2019 at the Embassy of the United States, London, location here.

The meeting is by invitation only. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The purpose of the Forum is to support effective implementation of the IMO Polar Code by making publicly available on a dedicated web portal information relevant to all those involved in safe and environmentally sound Arctic shipping, including shipowners/operators, regulators, classification societies, marine insurers, and indigenous and local communities.

Forum's web-portal: www.arcticshippingforum.is

The Forum places particular emphasis on collecting information of use to Maritime Administrations and/or Recognized Organizations in issuing Polar Ship Certificates and conducting Operational Assessments, as well as information to be used by the shipowners and operators in developing Polar Water Operational Manuals.

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Third Forum meeting documents:
 - Draft meeting agenda
 - List of participants (to be uploaded)

Logistical information:
Hotels recommended by the US Embassy
U.S. Embassy Economic Affairs London – Information for Official Visitors
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