Marine Litter Workshop

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Arctic Marine Litter Workshop
5-6 June 2018
Akureyri – Iceland

groupphoto copyThe Arctic Marine Litter Workshop was hosted by PAME, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Municipality of Akureyri.

The goal was to facilitate inputs to the development of PAME’s Desktop Study on Marine Litter including Microplastics in the Arctic, taking into account new developments and information as relevant. The desktop study will be released at the Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in May, 2019.

Workshop agenda:
Final agenda

List of participants (as of May 29th)

For presenters:
Context and Guidence document for Presenters

IMG 1766Workshop documents: 

Background documents:

Aim of workshop:
To facilitate inputs to the development of the desktop study, taking into account new developments and information as relevant.

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Expected outcome:

  • Summary Workshop report
  • Inputs and next steps for the development of the desktop study

Session I: Opening
 - Co-leads presentation (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, AIA, OSPAR)

Session II: Main Legislative Frameworks
 - Demian Schane (NOAA)
 - Heidi Savelli (UNEP)

Session III: Marine Litter Literature
 - Joan Fabres (Grid-Arendal)
 - Geir Gabrielsen (Norwegian Polar Institute)
 - Sarah Da Silva (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
 - Demian Schane (on behalf of Whit Sheard (CCU)
 - Wouter-Jan Strietman (Wageningen Economic Research)
 - Jessica Veldstra (AIA)
 - Maria Granberg (Swedish Environmental Research Institute)
 - Peter Murphy (NOAA Marine Debris Program)
 - Nicole Kanayurak (ICC)
 - Hrönn Ólína Jörundsdóttir (MATÍS)
 - Heidi Savelli (UNEP)
 - Charlotte Mogensen (OSPAR)
 - Bård Aarbakke (Clean Nordic Oceans)
 - Sarah Auffret (AECO)
 - Lu Zhibo (Tongji University)

Photos from the Workshop

Click here to read more about the Arctic Marine Litter project on the PAME website.