EA International Conference

To what extent have we been successful at implementing the ecosystem approach to management (EA) in the Arctic? Now that EA has been an operating principle of the Arctic Council for more than a decade, please join as we explore the status of implementation of EA in the Arctic and help us report our answers to the public and the 2017 meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arctic States in 2017. The Ecosystem Approach to Management (EA) is a widely adopted management principle requiring management of human activities to be integrated across sectors of enterprise. The ultimate purpose of EA is to achieve sustainable use of natural resources, while maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. The EA approach has been acknowledged, defined and adopted by the Arctic states working under the Arctic Council.

If you are engaged in the process of regulating human activities in the Arctic, or if you are one of those whose activities are being regulated, you are invited to share your experiences with us in the form of oral presentations, posters and panel discussions.  We want to hear from those with experiences as policy makers, managers, subsistence harvesters, and providers of all kinds of scientific information in both terrestrial and marine environments of the Arctic.  If you have a well-documented case study of implementing the ecosystem approach to management on land or water, successful or unsuccessful, inside or outside the Arctic, we would like to hear from you.

  • Knowledge base – integration of knowledge (including traditional) and Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
  • Governance – integration across sectors, institutional arrangements
  • Scale integration – integration across small to large scale in ecosystems, and integration across management levels. 

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Event Date 08-23-2016 8:00 am
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