CA Science and Technical Reports

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment (BREA)

Fill regional information gaps related to offshore oil and gas activities.


2010 Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum 

Research forum in support of management and regulatory processes related to oil and gas activities (All presentations posted here. Final report not out as of September 2011 Legal Regimes

Science reports from historical initiatives such as the Beaufort Region Environmental Assessment Monitoring (BREAM) Program, Beaufort Environmental Monitoring Program (BEMP), Northern Oil and Gas Action PlanResearch and monitoring


Environment Canada

Science reports from historical initiatives such as the Eastern Arctic Marine Environmental Studies (EAMES; oil spill contingency and response planning), and Baffin Island Oil Spill (BIOS; effects of dispersants and clean-up procedures) Project. Studies were published in Arctic (1982 and 1987, respectively) and available at Arctic Institute of North America’s Arctic Science and Technology Information System website


Environmental Studies Research Funds

Fisheries and Oceans Canada 


Natural Resources Canada 


Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD) 

Funds research and development designed to ensure an environmentally and economically sustainable energy future for Canada (

Environmental Studies Research Funds (ESRF

Environmental and social studies pertaining to oil and gas exploration, development and production (All ESRF publications can be found here

Canadian Initiative for International Technology Transfer (CIITT)

Designed to identify and develop climate change technology transfer to both developed and developing countries through Canadian businesses and nongovernment organizations.