shutterstock 10355233Federal Departments and Agencies

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Allocation of Crown lands for oil and gas exploration, coordination of research that supports management of oil and gas activities.

Canadian Coast Guard
Marine transportation safety and spill response.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Management of environmental assessment process for oil and gas projects 

Environment Canada
Environmental protection, natural heritage conservation and weather and meteorological information 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada 
Environmental assessments for offshore oil and gas projects; integrated oceans management plans

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Encourage international trade and manage Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations 

shutterstock 232996765National Energy Board
Northern oil and gas activities; construction and operation of pipelines 

Arctic Offshore Drilling Review
Safety and environmental requirements review in response to oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 

Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act
Promote, in respect of the exploration for and exploitation of oil and gas, safety, environmental protection, conservations of oil and gas resources, join production arrangement, and economically efficient infrastructures 
Canada Oil and Gas Certificate of Fitness Regulations
Canada Oil and Gas Diving Regulations
Canada Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Regulations
Canada Oil and Gas Drilling Regulations [Repealed]
Canada Oil and Gas Geophysical Operations Regulations
Canada Oil and Gas Installations Regulations
Canada Oil and Gas Operations Regulations
Oil and Gas Spills and Debris Liability Regulation

Canada Petroleum Resources Act 

Natural Resources Canada
Policies and programs for energy, forest, minerals and metals

Geological Survey Canada
Agency for geoscientific information and research

Parks Canada
Protection and management of Canadian National Parks

Transport Canada
Promote a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation system 

shutterstock 258376334Territorial Departments 

Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment – Minerals, Oil & Gas - Geoscience; oil and gas development  

Yukon Government 
Yukon Oil and Gas Act
Department of Energy, Mines and ResourcesSustainable development of Yukon´s energy and natural resources
Department of Environment
Environment Act
Government of Nunavut, Department of Economic Development & Transportation – Division of Minerals and Petroleum Resources - Geoscience; petroleum regulatory administration

Inuvialuit Management Bodies

Inuvialuit Joint Secretariat
Based in Inuvik, NWT, provides technical and administrative support to the Inuvialuit Game Council and several other co-management bodies created under the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (IFA)

Inuvialuit Game Council
Works with the Hunters and Trappers Committees (HTCs) and other IFA bodies to help guide government decisions on renewable resource policy, legislation, regulation and proposed Canadian positions for international purposes that affect wildlife and wildlife habitat in the region

Environmental Impact Screening Committee
Environmental screening of offshore oil and gas development projects 

Environmental Impact Review Board
Environmental impact assessments of development projects referred by Environmental Impact Screening Committee

Fisheries Joint Management Committee
Advises on management and conservation of aquatic resource.

Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope)
Advises government on wildlife policy, research and management on the Yukon North