Arctic Indigenous Marine Use Survey Process

A scoping paper was made in 2011 to assess possible joint efforts of PAME & other Arctic Council working groups addressing AMSA recommendations regarding the development of Arctic indigenous marine use. The paper was made by the Aleut International Association (AIA) and the Saami Council.


AMSA Recommendation II(A) – Survey of Arctic Indigenous Marine Use:

That the Arctic states should consider conducting surveys on Arctic marine use by indigenous communities where gaps are identified to collect information for establishing up-to-date baseline data to assess the impacts from Arctic shipping activities.
The paper was made based on this recommendation. It presents an argument for the need of developing of an AIMU (Arctic indigenous marine use) survey process through joint efforts of PAME and other working groups of Arctic Council within the framework of Arctic Council’s mandate.

AIA and Saami Council's paper (2011)

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Update of the paper (September 2011)

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